Phoenix Wright movie omg omg omg~~~

Had dinner with Chrysan and Shiy tonight at Manhattan Fish Market using a groupon voucher then some lovely chocolate dessert after, and Chrysan was telling me this awesome news!!! (which she had posted on her LJ but I haven't been checking LJ ><)

PHOENIX WRIGHT LIVE ACTION MOVIE!! Coming in Spring 2012! So this isn't exactly news, but I haven't been keeping up and only just heard about it and oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! It's like a dream come true!! - because, not only is this going to be a movie of one of my favourite games, it's also starring two actors I'm a fan of! - and there aren't many actors for whom I'd get this excited about, what are the chances of having *2* of them in one movie?!~ They're both actors known for their acting skills (the type described as "实力派演员"). So, at least, if the storyline gets chopped up (uh, as Japanese movies adapted from other media tend to do?) I feel assured that my 2 favourite characters (Phoenix and Edgeworth) won't get butchered by bad acting! 

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My IP address is blocked?

I'm soooo pissed - with LJ? with Singnet? I don't even know which to be pissed at. So it seems normal now for LJ to be down. Then both this morning and tonight, I got a different error message: IP Address blocked. Whuuuut. Just when I've been trying to post for a fandom thing I'm participating in too. Argh. I had to resort to using my mobile broadband to get on LJ. =___=

Does anyone else have this problem?

Fish Soup and Secret Garden

The latest trend in my family is FISH SOUP. =O=

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Secret Garden. It's a Korean drama, surprise surprise. I'm not into sappy romance stories, and by the logic that Korean dramas (or what I've seen of them) = weepy romance stories, I usually don't bother watching Korean dramas. This one was on recommendation by my cousin (the one who I always borrow DVDs from) who provided the show as well, so it was convenient to try. 

Well, I enjoyed it~ It's a romance comedy, which I'm fine with, I LOVE the main characters and (spoiler for ending) it has a happy ending~ :D

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It seems like the topic of this post is mainly food

I had lunch with my parents and aunt A at Soup Restaurant today! Did I mention that I LOVE the "hometown tofu" dish that they have? I always like a good soup too. Damage was $57 for 4 people. I think it's a pretty affordable place for happy food!

We originally wanted to go to the Korean restaurant at Amara Hotel, but *cough* I woke up too late. I've been wanting to eat the hotpot noodles there for a month or more now. Well, I guess it'll have to wait till another day.

Two days ago on Fri, I met Shiy and Chrysan for dinner at Northpoint. We ate at Ishi-mura - "Japanese food at food court prices". Not bad, but more than the taste of the food itself, I had fun sharing dishes~ And I bought a normal NDS charger at Zepy's. (!!!) T_T - I'm writing this down to increase the likelihood that I will remember later.

help_nz : I have an auction here for icons.

Control episode 8~ I wonder how old Teranishi (Yoko's character) is supposed to be in the show. XD People treat him like the youngest and say things like "he lets emotions affect his judgement but of course he's still young" (young as in, not yet hardened and wizened to the tricks of "criminals"?). Well, Yoko does sometimes act characters younger than his actual age? He was in his 20s when acting 18(?)-years-old Tokio in Haikei Chichiue-sama and a high school student in Yukan Club. Then again, I guess 29 (if going by his real age, but shows don't always do that, so maybe not) can be relatively young when everyone around you is older.

Edit: ah, Tera is 26 years old.

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- work backlog
- expense claim$
- finish suikoden tierkreis
- ...and a few dozen other incomplete games
- i_reversebang *_* I want to do my best!
- polymer clay miniatures! ~ like these ones!
- maybe finally complete those half-done kanjani 8 winamp skins (even though I've already been using this one for almost half a year. well, I like green. but. XD)
- and earrings. or redo those earrings. maybe another time.
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Slept most of the day away.

XM got a room at Wanderlust (a boutique hotel) and invited us over. It seems like they gave her a room that wasn't as nice as the one she reserved. The hotel was in Little India and after games, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant serving Indian/Nepalese cuisine. Their starter was this garlicy crispy keropok thing (except it was very thin) that was nice! We shared mo-mo (like dumplings, tasted ok), mutton bryani (spicy), some non-spicy chicken and cheese dish (the creamy gravy was nice!), spinach and cheese dish (which look reminded me of a cream pea soup I had in York, it tasted alright, but strangely another girl and I found it spicy but no one else did, even the other non-spicy eaters!), some chicken dish that I didn't try, some mixed veg and fruit in cashewnut sauce thing (ok but spicy?), garlic naan which was rather nice. After the main meal, we went to another shop down the street for Indian ice-cream. It was not as sweet and creamy as your average ice-cream, (one friend said salty, another said gingery) and had a little too much ice in it for my liking. Had fun trying it though. Overall, a pretty good (and interesting, considering all the dishes I've never eaten before!) meal~ I'd go back to that first restaurant again.

Yoko commented about the drama in Mar 2011's Duet:
I'm glad he seems to be doing fine at the drama shootings. Yoko being happy about acting as a police officer, being able to say lines that he wouldn't normally say. And mentioning that there's a lot of kanji he is unable to read (as we know). Can I say this? He's so cute~ XD

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