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Cosmiko Ling - The Hiding Mushroom
27 December
Cosmiko Ling's personal journal.

Concentrated on life, sprinkles of fangirling.

Current likes I haven't updated this in aaages XD
+ travelling, drawing, jigsaw puzzles, detective stories
+ anime/manga: One Piece, Death Note, Get Backers, Saiyuki, Azumanga Daioh, Skip Beat, Haruhi, Ouran, Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura
+ games: Gyakuten Saiban/Kenji (Ace Attorney/Investigator) series, Tales of the Abyss, Professor Layton, The World Ends with You, Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts, RPG
+ Kanjani 8 (especially Yoko~), Tenimyu 1st generation Seigaku and Hyoutei cast
+ dramas: The Mentalist, Hidarime Tantei EYE
+ reading: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Artemis Fowl

Friending policy: Feel free to watch my LJ. I'm not for the you-friend-me=I-must-friend-you-back idea - if I don't already know you, I'll only friend back if you comment and we chat/exchange comments a bit so that I get to know you. Don't worry, I don't bite. :P
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